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HillA Little Slice of Paradise

The area known as the Lammermuir Hills is one of the south of Scotland's undiscovered gems. Despite being less than an hour's drive from Edinburgh it feels like the hustle and bustle of the city are a lifetime away.

It's an area rich in history, rich in the diversity of its natural heritage - perhaps best of all it's tranquil and sparsely populated. Few people know that the B6355, which bisects the hills as it travels from Gifford to Duns, was one of the most important roads throughout the turbulent years of Scotland's border wars with England. Ellemford was the mustering point for the Scots army before the battle of Flodden. Former fortified dwellings and small castles can be found dotted across the hills, while ancient roads and historic routes taken by the monks in the Middle Ages crisscross the area.

Today the Lammermuir Hills are still home to upland sheep farmers, small communities of people who work at home or in nearby towns, as well as Edinburgh commuters. It's an area where most everyone knows most everyone else and a sense of community is at the heart of life in the hills.

There are many things to explore on this web site from our history and archaeology to things to do on a day trip or during an extended stay. There's information about genealogy, nature, geology, there's photography and community news. If you don't live here the web site will give you a taste of what living here is like and if you're lucky enough to call the Lammermuir's your home it will keep you up to date with everything that's happening.