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Dry-stane dykingLammermuir Community Fund (LCF) meets every 3 months at either Longformacus or Cranshaws village halls. It is a place for the community to get together and arrange projects and events using local funds for the benefit of the local community. This also includes the Lammermuir College of Knowledge which offers free courses for the local residents of Longformacus, Cranshaws and Ellemford.

If you want to apply for some Community Funding, to be discussed at the next LCF meeting, you can download the  application form here and guidance notes here. Download the form onto your desktop and save it and fill it in with all the relevant information. Then please email the application to Laura Wood at l.wood66@btinternet.com

We will consider most applications if they benefit the community in some way:-
Organisations providing services within the Cranshaws, Ellemford and Longformacus Community Council area, and organisations undertaking projects that will benefit the Cranshaws, Ellemford and Longformacus Community Council area.

The deadline for ALL applications (College of Knowledge and others) is two weeks before the LCF meeting. Please see below for dates of this year's meetings and deadlines.

College of Knowledge
If you are looking for funding for a project, course or workshop that you think will be of interest, educational and/or will generally improve the well-being of the members of our local community, the College of Knowledge is the place to come to.

Examples of previous College of Knowledge projects are:
Aromatherapy, Cookery, Stick making class, Painting, Yoga, Zumba, Music appreciation, Dry-stane Dyking, Wildlife and Landscape Photography, Jewellery making, Fishing/Sailing, Skiing and Flower arranging.

You can let either Catriona Andrews or Corinne Mycock know what you are thinking of, or fill out an Lammermuir Community Fund-application form.
(download the form here). If you are not sure about filling in an application we can do it for you, once you have given us all the relevant information.

Applications are to the Lammermuir Community Fund and will be discussed at the usual 3-monthly LCF meeting. The same rules and deadlines apply as for a LCF applications.

Tips for applying: -
  • Tick the College of Knowledge box on the form
  • Fill out your contact details (tel. and e-mail if possible)
  • Explain your idea, how it would benefit our community and the costs involved -
  • Make sure to include how many people can attend, where things will take place and at what date(s) and time(s)
  • Please include the costs of postcards for advertising @£42.00 per project and venue costs (hall-hire etc.)

Contact details:
Catriona Andrews: catriona.andrews@gmail.com, Tel: 07765 931877
Corinne Mycock: corinnemycock@scotnet.co.uk, Tel: 01361-890622

The application should be in 2 weeks BEFORE the meeting, the next meetings are:

5 March 2013deadline for applications is 19th February 2013

4 June 2013  - deadline for applications is 21st May 2013

3 September 2013 - deadline for applications is 20th August 2013

3 December 2013 - deadline for applications is 19th November 2013